• Percos Music Releases New Album XX-XXI

    Considered one of today's most refined clarinetists, Carlos Ferreira presents his first album - XX-XXI - in a partnership with pianist and composer Pedro Emanuel Pereira.

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  • Júlio Pereira to Release an Album in Dolby Atmos

    This is because I came to record some heavy percussion here at Helder Costa's studio (HCM), a fantastic sound engineer I met on the road during three or four concerts.

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  • Percos Music welcomes the project Gui Collective

    GUICollective is a chamber music ensemble of undefined formation that is dedicated to interpret and develop repertoire from the 20th and 21st centuries.

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  • Percos Music welcomes the project O Tempo Não Parou

    O Tempo Não Parou" is a collaborative project in constant development that focuses on the fusion between various styles, from classical music to traditional music, rock and jazz.

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