Júlio Pereira to Release an Album in Dolby Atmos: "The Effect is Dazzling"!

"It's already recorded and in the mixing phase. Júlio Pereira's upcoming album will be released in Dolby Atmos, an audio technology that has been winning over enthusiasts."

"'As it seems, I will be the first Portuguese musician to mix an album in Dolby Atmos,' says Júlio Pereira to PÚBLICO. 'And I'm in a village in Minho doing these mixes. This is because I came to record some heavy percussion here at Helder Costa's studio (HCM), a fantastic sound engineer I met on the road during three or four concerts. Since he already works with Dolby Atmos, he started showing me the possibilities of this system.' The first example he showed me was a remix of a Bob Marley track, and Júlio Pereira got excited about the experience, just as he had been excited in the past about the possibilities of digital platforms serving music."

Read the full article on Público.


Pereira, J. (2023, September 25). Júlio Pereira vai lançar um álbum em Dolby Atmos: "O efeito é deslumbrante" [Público]. https://www.publico.pt/2023/09/25/culturaipsilon/noticia/julio-pereira-vai-lancar-album-dolby-atmos-efeito-deslumbrante-2064427



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