We Curate and Create

At Percos, we intend to bring the best of Classical Music, Jazz, and World Music into your home. Therefore, we will provide our artists with the best conditions for the realization of a work of excellence. We will count on great musicians in each area, and with the best partners in the industry. Together, we will bring the dream to you.


Professional Audio Capture and Production Services


Professional Audio Blending and Post-Production Services


Precision Audio Mastering for Enhanced Sound Quality Control


Editing and Mastering of discographic works


Original music composition for various media


Musical arrangement for recordings and performances

Music Scores

Music Score Composition and Editing Services

Our services include recording, mixing, mastering, production, composing, arranging, and engineering. We offer state-of-the-art audio capture and production, professional audio blending and post-production, and audio finalization and quality control for your music.

Dolby Atmos

A new tool adopted by PERCOS Music

Spatial audio (Dolby Atmos) has been used in music production and developed in the respective music studios through the implementation of new techniques for sound capture, editing, mixing and amplification.

Through the precise placement of technical elements (capture and/or amplification) in a three-dimensional space, it is possible to transport the audience to an immersive sound world, where each sound is perceived as coming from a distinct location and direction.


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